funeral insurance policy for parents

Funeral Insurance Policy for Parents : Things to Know

Though it is not a nice thing to have to think about, purchasing a funeral insurance policy for parents should be something you consider doing in the not too distant future. It doesn’t matter whether your parent/parents are elderly or fairly young, it never hurts to look at things early on and to take care […]

funeral cost assistance

Funeral Cost Assistance : What To Do If You Can’t Pay

Nowadays even dying is going to cost you, or potentially those close to you, which is why you may wish to look into funeral cost assistance fairly early on life. Here in the UK, the average cost of a funeral is now close to £4000, which is a lot of money by anybody’s standards. Because […]

compare funeral insurance quotes

Compare Funeral Insurance Quotes : How to Save on your Funeral

If you’re looking to save money for your funeral, you may wish to compare funeral insurance quotes beforehand. It may seem bizarre, but nobody wants to pay more for something than they have to, and that includes a funeral. Now, you may be wondering why somebody would want to save money on their funeral, because […]

cheap burial insurance

Cheap Burial Insurance : Interesting Ways We Dispose Of Our Dead

Nowadays if we want to take care of funeral arrangements in advance, we often search online for cheap burial insurance, and take care of everything that way. When we think of disposing of our dead when they have passed, there are probably two methods that instantly come to mind: Burial, and cremation. Whilst burials and […]

best funeral scheme

Best Funeral Scheme : How To Choose The Best

Finding the best funeral scheme is not as easy as you may have thought, especially as there is now so much choice on offer. Funeral costs are increasing on a near monthly basis, so the need for optimal funeral cover has never been greater. We live in times of economic uncertainty, and although the economy […]

funeral insurance for pensioners

Funeral Insurance for Pensioners v Life Insurance

Funeral insurance for pensioners is widely available in the UK today. It seems that you are never too old to take out an insurance policy. So, should you choose funeral insurance for pensioners plan or should you opt for a life insurance for over 60’s. Over 60’s life insurance is probably your worst bet; read […]

funeral coverage insurance

Funeral Coverage Insurance Options for UK Residents

Funeral coverage insurance is widely available both online and from funeral planners and insurance brokers in the UK. Deciding to take out funeral coverage insurance is a big step. But it is the right one to take, regardless of your age. Leaving your family with your funeral expenses on your passing is selfish. When you […]

funeral consultant

Funeral Consultant : Planning your Own Funeral Professionally

A funeral consultant is a professional who can help you plan your own funeral. They can also advise you on the different ways you can save for funeral costs in advance. In the UK the cost of dying is rising far ahead of the rate of inflation, leaving grieving families in tough times. To avoid […]