Shield Funeral Plans

  • Protecting you and your loved ones from ever rising funeral costs.
  • Freeze the cost of a funeral - forever!
  • A pre-paid funeral plan provides peace of mind for you and your family.
  • Although thinking about funeral plans can be an uncomfortable thing to do, it is a thoughtful and responsible way to care for and protect your family.

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Protection against rising funeral costs

Shield Funeral Plans search the market to deliver you the very best, tailor-made plan available.

funeral plansEach year, funerals rise in price by around 10% and double in price every 10 years. Buying a funeral plan is like buying a ticket, you own it and however much the price of funerals goes up, the plan will cover 100% of the funeral. You can pay in one lump sum, or over 12, 24 or even 120 months.

The money is held in a highly regulated Trust Fund, run by a national association of funeral directors, and the Trust increases in value much faster than funeral costs rise.

For example, Mr Smith (aged 55) takes out a plan in 2015. If he passes aged 65, he will have saved over £3000 and his family will benefit from a fully paid funeral worth almost £7000. If he passes aged 75, he will have saved over £8500 and he will have 100% paid for his own funeral, saving his loved ones over £12,000.

A funeral plan is a great way to pass on more of your money to your loved ones and also protects them from the financial hardship of paying for a funeral. So apply today and see which funeral plan is right for you.

The Cost of Dying

The price of funerals are forecast to rise to at least £12,000 within the next 20 years. By taking out a pre-paid funeral plan now, the price is locked in, covering 100% of the funeral and saving you and your loved ones from tremendous expense later on.